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Less Is More: Embracing Minimalist Design

After spending extra time in our homes, we have become acutely aware of the impact of the design of our spaces.  From function to style, people are changing up their spaces to fit their needs (like a home office) and design preferences.  It is no surprise, then, that minimalist design styles have been on the rise, as people are becoming even more intentional when it comes to designing and decorating.  At the root of minimalist styles are function, simplicity, intention, and beauty.  With minimalism, less truly can be more.

The versatility of a minimalist aesthetic allows it to be easily adapted to any personal style.  From clean and unadorned Scandinavian design to California-cool bohemian styles, minimalism can be warmed up, kept rustic and homey, or create a classic and understated elegance.  With an emphasis on neutrals, earthy tones, and muted palettes, minimalist interiors can be cozy and inviting while drawing your eyes to the architectural details of a space, a beautiful view, or work of art.  One minimalist design trend that is rising fast is Japandi style.  A cross between Japanese and Scandinavian design, it takes the best of comfort, functionality, and natural elements from each style.  Japandi focuses on a connection to nature, clean lines, and bright spaces to create a zen paradise.

featuring “Femme III” by Patti Mann

Decorating in a minimalist style is all about being intentional with the furniture, color palette, and décor you use to create a soothing, uncluttered space.  A key element in minimalistic décor is the use of clean lines, which is why line and sketch art is perfect for a Scandinavian, Boho, or Japandi design.  Classic black and white line art can be a great addition to your wall, keeping it simple while still adding personality.  From figuratives to subtle abstracts, finding the right artwork to fit your minimalist design can help create a bright, relaxing, and modern space.

Minimalist spaces don’t have to be boring! Designing with natural materials, clean lines, and organic finishes can create a sophisticated and sleek space. Warm it up with lots of texture and hang the perfect pieces of art to add a personal touch and harmonize your space.  Decorate with things that you love, bonus points if they’re functional too, and create a beautiful, warm, and inviting minimalist space!

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