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Redfin Blog Feature: Decorating With Repurposed Items

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We are excited to be featured in Redfin’s blog post “Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Repurposed and Salvaged Items” and share our tip for repurposing your wall decor!  Here’s a little sneak peek and for more ideas, check out the full article on Redfin’s blog.

Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Repurposed and Salvaged Items

October 19, 2020– by 

As we prepare for winter and spend more and more time indoors, many of us will look to the interwebs for fun ways to spruce up our interiors. That being said, not everyone has the resources to launch a full-scale renovation. The good news is that you don’t need to. In fact, the perfect centerpiece for your family room could be collecting dust in the garage right now. A unique piece of art to fill the gap above your fireplace could be in the corner of your storage closet, or even sitting on the curb ready to be discarded as garbage. Whether it’s an old bicycle wheel, an unused picture frame, or your great grandmother’s lamp, repurposed and upcycled items can be transformed into unique, iconic decor for your home. We’ve rounded up experts from Springdale to Duluth to help show you how.

Keep it in frame

Repurposing and restyling your wall décor can instantly refresh your space.  Breathe new life into an old mirror by framing it and making it a statement piece on your wall.  Old frames can also be repurposed in a variety of unique ways, from framing succulents and plants, chalkboards, or collages to transforming them into decorative trays.  Even reframing a piece of artwork that you already have hanging at home can reinvigorate your walls! – Third & Wall

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Staying Grounded With Earth Tones

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featuring “Future Nostalgia I” by Kippi Leonard

Bringing in earthy and natural elements to your space is one of the biggest decor trends of this new decade. With color having one of the biggest impacts in defining your space, decorating with warm earth tones like rich browns, burnt reds, and mossy greens is a great way to draw from some natural inspiration.This fall season and coming new year will continue to see a rise in the use of warmed-up neutrals like beiges and tans, mushroom hues, and deep brown undertones to mimic the comforting and familiar colors of the great outdoors.  Bring in pops of moody olive green, burnt orange, and earthy ochre to add drama and vibrancy to your space while keeping it warm and cozy.  Soft, muted shades can still pack a punch!

As we move into the new fall season, trending bright jewel tones will give way to subdued hues inspired by rocks and natural minerals.  Based on muted geode tones, this color trend will add warmth and comfort to any space.  A golden topaz can act as a neutral and a muted amethyst can bring serene color.  Paired with sage greens and mineral blues, this earthy-inspired palette will create inviting and stylish spaces.  This mineral color trend is the perfect way to freshen up your space for the new season!

Modern Mediterranean-inspired interiors and decor lean heavily onto a natural color palette.  With a less-is-more aesthetic, warm neutrals & earth tones, organic materials, and botanical details define this style.  Decorating with greenery, warm woods, terra cotta, and rattan are characteristics of this growing design trend.  The neutral backdrop of a modern Mediterranean style pairs well with other design styles and colors, so you can easily select the elements of the style that work best for you and your space. 

featuring “Daydream” by Stacey Pollard

If you want to add more character to this simplistic design style, decorating with bold abstracts and patterns in the subdued earthy hues can elevate your space. Drawing from natural inspiration by decorating with earth tones, organic materials, and biophilic design will help you create a unique modern Mediterranean-styled space!

featuring “Light Into Shadow II” by Nancy Ngo

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