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Contemporary Figurative Art

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featuring “Remembering You” by Lisa Ridgers

Are you looking to make an impact with your wall art?  One popular décor trend that can do just that is contemporary figurative art. In a variety of artistic styles, figurative artwork can add whimsical flair or a modern touch to any interior.  While it doesn’t always mean artwork of people, figurative art often takes human form.  With its representational approach, figurative imagery can be simple line sketches or bold abstracted figures.  We love how contemporary figurative art decor can add fresh takes on classic subjects that feel familiar!

Figurative art can elevate a space and a female figure can add a feminine touch.  One room that is a perfect spot for artwork of figures, and even nude art, is the bathroom.  This classic art theme, whether realistic or impressionistic, can complement any design style!

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