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Show Your Walls Some Love: Why Art Matters

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featuring “Red Path” by Laura Van Horne alt v 1

Have you ever looked around your furnished room and thought, “something just seems to be missing”, then your eye catches the empty spot on your wall?  Chances are you saved your wall decor for last and now need to fill that blank space for your room to feel complete.  It is easy to brush off the art selection process as an afterthought or the finishing touch, sometimes not thinking about it until everything else in your design has been artfully executed.  But wall art can be an integral part of your design and can transform the look and feel of your room.  Choosing wall art is an opportunity for self-expression that, we would argue, should be considered in the earlier stages of the design process.  We want to share a few ways thinking about wall art can change the way you approach interior design and styling!

Make It Pop

Artwork is a great way to bring color and texture into your space!  Finding wall art that you love can help you nail down your color scheme, which can be one of the hardest parts of the design process.  Art can tie in accent colors, bring in a pop of color, or help blend your palette to ensure that your room has a cohesive feel.  Wall decor can also add more texture and depth to your space.  Mixed media artwork, chunky paintings, or artwork on a textured substrate can bring creative interest and make your space pop!

Make It Yours

With many different styles and mediums, wall art can be a wonderful way to add your own style and character to your room.  Incorporating your own personality is key to making a space feel like home (even when you are not at home), and artwork can help create a unique design that sets your room apart.  Hanging fine art that encapsulates the style of your space can help set the mood, whether you want to reenergize or relax.  Artwork has the power to define or enhance your design style and reinvigorate your room!

Find Your Center

Hanging artwork can also provide a focal point that centers and balances your space, and makes a statement.  It can complete your design and give your space that finished look that you may have been missing.  The right artwork can transform your room, make it feel uniquely your own, and bring beauty into your space.

featuring “Momentum Synergy” by Jeff Iorillo

So don’t wait until the very end to choose artwork for your walls!  Finding the right fine art pieces can shape the way you design your space, from the colors you use to your design style.  Incorporating the perfect art piece can help you create the energy and ambiance you want your room to have!

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Finding Tranquility With Soft Pastels

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featuring “Life In Balance” by Dina D’Argo

We could all use spaces that bring some calm and comforting energy, and decorating with tranquil pastel tones is an easy way to keep your interiors feeling effortlessly serene!  Forecasted color trends and multiple paint companies’ ‘Color of the Year’ announcements for 2021 also reflect the growing popularity of this soothing color scheme. The predicted palettes for this year are full of light and fresh pastels, cool blue hues, and muted earth tones.  These soothing shades are perfect for any design style, whether you use them to paint your wall or add accent pieces in these soft and dreamy hues.

These calm and inviting colors are great for a rustic-inspired kitchen, a modern bathroom, and, especially, a relaxing bedroom. They can create comfortable & sophisticated spaces while still adding color and showcasing your unique style.  As our world becomes more technologically focused, it’s no surprise that connection and places of comfort are becoming priorities.  Incorporating tranquil tones like dusty pinks, botanically inspired greens, soft blues, and light, warm neutrals in your color palettes will brighten and balance any residential or commercial space.  Add some woven and natural textures for extra depth, accent your tranquil space with darker hues for more drama, or pair your subdued pastels with soft curved edges for maximum comfort.  Decorating with artwork in these soft and relaxing hues is an easy way to bring those serene vibes to your space!

The images featured above are available in our Print-On-Demand collection.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at