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A Slice of Paradise: Modern Tropical Decor

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featuring “Palm Leaves”, “Agave”, and “Bird of Paradise” by K. Nari

It is officially summer, the perfect time to embrace palm prints, beach scenes, and the tropical-inspired decor trend!  Although this isn’t exactly a new trend, there are many different ways to incorporate a modern tropical touch in your design.  Decorating with this summery botanical motif in softer hues, such as blush pink, mustard yellow and light neutrals, and clean lines can brighten up a space with a subtle natural nod to summertime.  Tropical styled interiors are also becoming increasingly popular in deep, saturated jewel tones for a sophisticated, dramatic feel and a tropical punch that can transition past the summer season.  Decorating with tropically themed wall art is a simple way adopt this trend, so we’re sharing some great tropical imagery that will add some breezy, tranquil and chic vibes to your space!

Botanical and tropical decor continues to be a popular way to freshen up a space, especially during the warm summer months.  One of the best things about this style is that it is easily adaptable to any design.  Modern palm prints and tropical-themed photography can pair well with velvet, wood, and other natural materials.  And if you truly want to go big and bold with this decor theme, a tropical wallcovering is a great way to make a statement and transport you to paradise!

The images featured above are available in our Print-On-Demand collection.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at

Art Highlight: Giclée Canvas Embellishment

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So you’ve found the perfect image for your wall and determined it will be printed on canvas, but you just wish it had a little more texture or metallic shine like an original painting.  Well, you’re in luck!  At Third and Wall, we have the ability to add hand embellishment to your giclée canvas print.  We offer several different embellishment options, which does mean that you will have one more decision to make. But, not to worry, we are breaking down the different types of embellishment to help!  From gel brushstrokes for added texture to metallic leafing for extra shimmer (or both!), we want to help make your art work for you and your unique style!

Brushstroke Embellishment

With a clear gel medium, we are able to hand-apply brushstrokes that follow the image of your print.  This embellishment option will give your printed piece texture that can mimic an original piece without compromising the image.  From fluid lines to geometric shapes and from thick gel to thin, the gel embellishment can highlight the movement of any piece.

Pigment Embellishment

We can also hand-paint canvas prints with pigment, including metallic and pearlescent colors, to add extra color and texture!  Combined with the gel embellishment, added pigment can help the colors of your image truly pop.  We use different paintbrushes and palette knives to apply the right color pigment and match the artistic style of the image, making the giclée come to life.  We can use gold, silver, or bronze metallic and pearlescent paint, which adds a light shimmer to highlight the metallic shine that an original might have.  The hand-painted texture and added color is a perfect way to elevate your giclée and really make it pop!

Metallic Leafing

For a bold metallic pop on your canvas print, we can hand-apply silver, copper, or gold metallic leafing.  The leafing can also be combined with the traditional gel embellishment to add that painterly texture with the burst of shimmer.  No matter how much of the image you decide to add the metallic leaf to, it is sure to pack a golden or silvery punch!

No matter what you decide, having a canvas giclée embellished is a great way to customize an art print and create a truly unique art piece that is perfect for your wall!

Contemporary Coastal Decor

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featuring “Toward Shore I” and “Toward Shore II” by Lisa Ridgers

As we get ready for the long sunny days of summer, it can be a great time to refresh your space with new colors and furnishings.  One popular design trend that can help keep you cool and relaxed during the warm months is the modern coastal theme. Light & neutral hues, shore-inspired imagery, and natural textures & materials can add sophisticated beachy vibes for a serene styled space.  Incorporating the coastal theme doesn’t mean you have to completely transform your room.  Adding some contemporary beachside inspiration to your space can be as easy as decorating with some neutral and blue accent colors or switching out your wall art.  Abstracted seascapes, contemporary boat imagery, and coastal photography are great pieces that will add a modern seaside touch to your walls!

The contemporary coastal trend is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere, no matter how close you are to the shore.  And for more coastal inspiration, check out this previous blog post!

The images featured above are available in our Print-On-Demand collection.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at