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A Seattle visit from artist Lisa Ridgers!

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Penny Alspeth, Lisa Ridgers and Aimee Clarke in the 3&W showroom

Penny Alspaugh, Lisa Ridgers and Aimee Clarke in the 3&W showroom

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting one of our most sought-after and prolific artists, Lisa Ridgers, along with her longtime partner and business manager Penny Alspaugh.

Lisa has been a Third & Wall artist for almost 10 years, but her home is in England, so this was the first opportunity she’s had to visit our showroom in the Emerald City. Since Lisa’s stateside visit was such a rare and beautiful thing for us, we made the most of it!

Lisa Ridgers




Although technically she was on vacation, we talked her into touching up some canvases. She was more than happy to jump in with her paintbrush and paints!



Lisa, Penny and Aimee reviewed all of the fantastic new Ridgers art that recently arrived from the UK. Lisa’s newest works are large and vibrant, with a range of inspiring color palettes that satisfy and transcend the wide and ever-changing range of interior decor trends. They include delicate figuratives, bright modern abstracts, and even traditional and transitional landscapes.




Lisa’s agent Brad Huff joined in on the fun as they toured the Third & Wall showroom and artwork.







And then it was time for everyone to relax at a fun and casual lunch around our conference table. Those of the 3&W team that hadn’t met Lisa and Penny yet had a great time getting to know them.

Lisa Ridgers with some of the 3&W team

Lisa Ridgers with some of the 3&W team

A BIG thank you to Lisa and Penny for crossing the pond to come visit us and meet the team!

Pinterest Colors of the Year for 2016

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With billions and billions (and billions) of pins in the fashion, beauty and home décor categories, Pinterest has ventured into Pantone territory by declaring colors of the year for 2016. Since color preferences vary by industry, Pinterest has crunched the numbers and brought us several colors that have been inspiring individuals, designers and retailers alike.

Seeing a 100% increase since February with this color, Blush Pink is the forerunner in women’s fashion pins. Mint Green saw a 40% increase during the same time period.


In men’s fashion, the blues rule. Astronaut Blue pins rose 100% since February and Chambray also saw an uptick.


In the beauty category, the mermaid look is in full swing. People can’t stop pinning Dark Blue, Green and Lavender hair and makeup photos.


While fashion and beauty are full of color, home decor is much more subdued with pinners loving décor inspiration photos in Gray and Mauve.