T&W LookBooks

T&W Artist LookBook

Meet the phenomenal artists who are the heart and soul of Third & Wall Art Group!

2022 Healthcare LookBook

Take a peek at one of our newest collections for a selection of transitional, calming artwork and photography specifically grouped for Healthcare interiors!

Colorway Collection Vol. 2

From cool or warm to earthy or neutral, your color palettes can define your interiors. Including artwork in cool or warm hues can complete serene spaces while earth tones or neutrals can create a sense of grounding. Harness the power of colorways in your decor, bring a specific energy to your interiors and create welcoming spaces.

Colorway Collection Vol. 1

From black and white to bold and bright, the color palettes you decorate with can define your interiors. Including artwork in crisp, cool hues can complete serene spaces while striking jewel tones can add some drama. Check out this colorway collection to help you decide which style is right for you!

2020 Healthcare Collection

Healthcare interiors require art that is calming and universal; art that evokes peace and even a sense of gentle escape. From rolling hills to soft abstracts and more, check out this curated selection of imagery for healthcare interiors.

2020 Spring Fine Art Collection

Take a peek at our Spring 2020 collection that has tons of gorgeous new artwork and includes works from three new artists!

Be sure to check back for more and let us know if there is something specific you’d like to see!