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Go Wild: Animal Decor

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featuring photography by Marika Moffitt
“Leopard” alt v 30 by Ruth Fromstein

Adding animal prints and imagery to spaces continues to be a popular decor trend, and one that we love!  This trend can fit any design style and can be as bold as you want.  Neutrally-toned western-inspired imagery can complete a modern farmhouse or boho design; a bright watercolor sea creature is a sweet addition to any wall, and; wild life artwork can be paired perfectly with fierce animal prints and saturated tones.  Celebrate your own pet by hanging similar artwork of them on your walls or just add imagery of your favorite animal!

Horses and Farm Animals

It’s no surprise that horse imagery is one of the most popular animal decor trends.  Whether your space is sleek and modern, rustic and Southwest-inspired, or a cozy farmhouse feel, images of horses, longhorns, deer and farm animals can add the finishing touches to your design.  You are sure to find animal artwork that suits your style and color palette!

Under The Sea

Artwork of ocean life can bring a coastal decor element to your room.  With imagery in different styles, sea creatures can add some relaxing or playful vibes to your design.  Mix them with a nautical-inspired space, a modern style, or a calm neutral space for a splash of the sea!

Wild Life

Take a walk on the wild side!  Wild life imagery can add a modern, global-inspired touch to your walls.  Mix it with a zebra print rug, deep jewel tones, or a mostly-neutral room for instant glam or a subtle cool flair.

Pet Friendly & Feathered Friends

The animal decor trend would not be complete without including artwork of dogs, cats, and birds.  The decor of furry and feathered friends can be a sweet addition to any space.  Whether you are inspired by your own pet or not, hanging some cute animal imagery can brighten your wall!

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Commercial Design Trends

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In commercial design, function, practicality, and style all align to create an environment tailored to the needs and culture of the business it represents.  With personal spending trends moving more and more toward travel, experiences, and comfort, every environment, whether it is where you work, sleep or explore, is rich with design potential. Because of this, creating a functional and impactful place to work or stay is becoming a larger focus for many companies.

featuring “Concentric I” by Dina D’Argo

The design and décor of an office space can not only create an impression of the business by capturing their culture and vibe, but also be a place both employees and clients really enjoy spending time. In hospitality and hotel design, interiors create a welcoming environment for guests as a home-away-from-home and we are seeing commercial designs taking a few tips from this approach.  As we’ll discuss below, this comfort-of-home feel can be seen reflected by creating soothing green spaces and bold walls while still meeting its functional needs.  We’ve noticed a few popular commercial design & décor trends and wanted to highlight them!

1. A Nod To Nature

Although it’s not exactly a new trend, more and more commercial spaces are giving a nod to nature in their design elements.  Whether it involves using naturally sourced, sustainable materials or adding green to their spaces, commercial design is embracing biophilic design and bringing the outdoors in.  Foliage and greenery can freshen up an interior and help boost productivity in an office space.  Just adding pops of green on the walls with paint color, landscape imagery, or some botanical artwork brings a calming and natural style to a welcoming space!

2. Comfort Is Key

In rising commercial design trends, comfort is key.  Designs are focusing on an at-home feeling with eclectic elements and lots of character.  They are including communal spaces that feel like living areas and adding local influence to reflect the culture.  Contrasting colors and vivid patterns are creating warm, relaxed, and inviting spaces in commercial design.  We love how unique and textured wall decor can liven up a cozy atmosphere!

featuring “Soft Views III” by Lisa Ridgers

3. Bold Walls

Wall décor can help create a lasting first impression in a commercial space! Diverse wall treatments are a popular wall décor trend with bold wallcoverings and alternative substrates for wall art.  Abstract artwork in metal, acrylic, or wood is adding a textured contemporary flair to commercial and hospitality design.  Hanging eye-catching elements on the walls creates a dynamic space and a one-of-a-kind style!

featuring “London Calling” by Liz Jardine

Whether you want to feel soothed, wowed, engaged or a balance of all of these and more, there are some really fun things happening with modern commercial design!