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Making A Statement With Warm Neutrals

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featuring “Rocking The Trail” by Ruth Fromstein

There’s a reason warm neutral colors are as popular as ever!  The soft and subtle tones can brighten up any space, keeping it classic and elegant.  Although decorating with neutrals can seem daunting, since an all-neutral space can sometimes sound stark and boring, it can be more visually rewarding than you’d think.  Using a variety of light and dark neutrals with warm undertones will create depth in your space, and incorporating lots of texture will make your space anything but boring!

The simplicity of the tones makes them easy to pair with other colors, textures, and materials.  Layering your neutral space with different textures and materials like wood, leather, and metallic accents will add dimension and warmth to your design.  If you have neutral toned walls, try incorporating different bespoke textures to make your space even more inviting and eye-catching.  And you can even create the illusion of texture with the right imagery in warm earth tones and embellished or metallic wall art!

With a pared-down palette, patterns and shapes can help create more interest in a soothing space.  Decorating with neutral colors doesn’t mean you have to play it safe!  Boldly patterned wallcoverings are great for making a statement, even with a minimalistic color foundation.  Patterns and shapes on rugs, pillows, and wall art will keep your space engaging, while the neutral hues keep it light.   For a cohesive and harmonized space, make sure all of your colors have the same neutral undertone, either with warm neutrals or cool neutrals.  Whether you are decorating an all-neutral space or adding light earth-tone elements, we love the comfort and freshness these warm colors bring to any style!

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Décor and Design Trends of 2019

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Have you been wanting to try a new interior design style or change out your décor?  The start of a new year can be the perfect time to refresh your space and redecorate.  As 2019 begins, new design trends are forecasted and interiors are transformed with fresh colors, textures, and accent pieces. The prediction is that this new year will bring bold walls, bright hues, and lots of personal touches! For some revamping and redesign inspiration, here are some interior design trends that look like they will make a big splash in 2019.

Black and White

While always a timeless color combination, black and white furnishings are at the top of trending decor items you’ll want to incorporate into your design.  The contrasting tones will keep your space balanced yet bold, especially when incorporating dramatic black elements.  For more inspiration on decorating in black and white, check out this post!

Patterns & Prints

A recent wallcovering install

Large-scale prints and patterns will be making a big impact this year, especially in wallpapers and wallcoverings.  Ornate walls in geometric patterns and floral prints are a great way to get a wow effect in your room.  And check out this post for more ways to decorate with prints and patterns!

Warm Neutrals

Light and neutral spaces are still going to be popular, with warm earth tones such as sand, ochre, and terracotta keeping spaces fresh and cozy.  Cool grays are being replaced with warmer hues in wall colors, furniture, wall art, and more!

Figurative Imagery

In this new year, home furnishings and decor pieces will be straying away from the abstract and taking concrete and recognizable forms.  Imagery of animals and figurative art are expected to become more popular to add as focal points or accents pieces, and can easily be incorporated in any design style.

Bright and Bold Hues

This year, color is in!  We are welcoming 2019 with bright, bold, and saturated tones.  Spaces with vibrant color, lots of texture, and maximalist design styles are expected to dominate interior trends and bring new energy.  Don’t be afraid of deep-hued walls, jewel-toned furniture, and colorful decor, and check out this post for more jewel-tone inspiration!

Although trends rise and fade, the key to adopting new styles and ideas is to personalize your space, and don’t be afraid to make a statement!  And however you decide to shake up your design, we hope you have a wonderful and successful year!

The images featured above are available in our Print-On-Demand collection.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at