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Around the World: Global Artwork

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With so much of the world to see, traveling the globe sounds ideal!  And even if we can’t explore every international city or remote spot around the world, we love how art and photography can capture a faraway place and instantly transport you there.  Images of cityscapes can bring a piece of your favorite city to your walls, and adding global-inspired artwork to your space is perfect to inspire wanderlust.  We have gathered some great images that will take you on a trip around the world!

“Go, Do, Be” by Kelsey Hochstatter

Cityscapes can bring the exciting energy of city living to your space.  And with cityscapes in many different styles, from abstract cities to detailed skyscrapers and outlined skylines, it is easy to find the perfect one to fit your design style!

Global-inspired art is a great way to bring scenes from around the world to your walls, no plane ticket required.  You will instantly feel transported to a Parisian cafe, a Tuscan village, a lotus garden, or wherever your art takes you!

And photography can share the beauty of the world in one captured moment.  So whether you want to be reminded of a special place you have traveled to or be inspired to trot around the globe, cityscapes and global art decor can take you there!

The images featured here are available in our Print-On-Demand collection and some are available as originals.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at

From The Studio of John Burrows

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Meet our artist John Burrows!  After becoming infatuated with the arts at an early age and studying at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, John worked at two architectural firms and started his own commercial interior design company in 1975. He enjoyed design so much it became his business while art became his passion. After 35 years, John closed his design office to pursue his art career full time and has never looked back.

John initially used acrylic paints but later switched to oil paints and, once again, he never looked back. He loves vibrant oils and the fact that the paint stays wet while being worked. He loves impasto painting with large brushes that enhance his impressionistic works. To be even more expressive, he started applying paint with large drywall knives, which he calls “blades.” This allowed his paintings to became even bolder with movement and texture. His paintings range from abstract expression to pure abstracts. He never gets tired of experimenting with new materials and techniques while also constantly engaging with and learning from other artists.

What do you first do when you get to the studio in the morning?

My studio is in my home so it is always there, calling me.  Quite often I go to Starbucks for a latte before I start painting.

How many paintings do you work on at a time?

I work on only one painting at a time.

“Fall at Soba Commone”

Do you have a dream project that you would like to work on?

I love working large.  A small painting for me is 30 x 30.  Most of my paintings are over 1200 square inches.  I’ve had a few commissions in the past that have required a very large canvas.  One was over 7,000 square inches.  I love going large.

If you could paint with anyone, who would it be?

Gerhard Ricter or Edgar Degas

What’s your favorite way of generating ideas and inspiration?

Observing nature and touring galleries, appreciating other artists.

How has your art evolved over time?

My original focus was on architecture, then on ethnic figures and I was using large brushes.  Now I focus on abstract impressionism using large blades in order to avoid detail.

What do you like most about your work?

“Boom Times II”

“Boom Times I”

The whimsy, the expressionism and the lack of detail.

What is one word that best describes your style?


Is there an idea you would like to explore?

More minimalism

What is your favorite time of day to paint?

I usually start in the morning after a run to Starbucks.

Do you ever get “stuck” on a piece?  If so, what do you do?

Sometimes the idea I had in my head turns to mud in reality.  I’ll spend all day trying to save it but once it goes south, it’s a waste of time.  I will scrap off all the paint and use that canvas another day.

What is up next on your easel?

I have several ideas in my head but I usually wait for the whimsy to take over.

The images featured here are available in our Print-On-Demand collection.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at

Modern Farmhouse Style

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An interior design trend that feels quintessentially fall appropriate is the modern farmhouse style. This simplistically chic trend is all about
light and neutral colors, wood accents, as well as a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Pinterest boards are filled with design and décor ideas for achieving the country-living inspired aesthetic, whether you style your space full of character or keep it more modern and refined.  After spending a weekend at the Pinology Market in Seattle, “an indoor pop-up market bringing Pinterest to life”, we are even more inspired by the rustic charm of the farmhouse style.

Even if you don’t live in the rural countryside, there are many ways to bring the polished comfort of the farmhouse style to your space. Using warm and cool neutral colors, like shades of gray, cream, brown, and sage, will keep your space light and bright. Finding the right décor is key to mastering the perfect modern rustic farmhouse look by balancing the sleek with the salvaged and incorporating natural elements. We’ve gathered some artwork and photographs that we think would pair perfectly with exposed wood details and flea market décor finds!                    

Images of lovable farm animals are a fun and easy way to bring the sweet country charm to your walls!

Paintings of the rolling countryside or a quaint barn can be the perfect addition to your farmhouse styled space. Pair them with industrial accents and a neutral color palette to complete your rustic and chic style!

Country-living inspired photography can strike the right balance of pastoral and refined while adding some rustic sophistication to your space!

And of course, the elegance of horses makes incorporating photographs and paintings of them a fantastic addition to your modern farmhouse style, especially in neutral tones!

The images featured here are available in our Print-On-Demand collection.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at