Pablo Rojero



Pablo Rojero was born in Oceanside, California in 1974. Since he was a little boy, he always knew he was an artist as he grew up being reminded of the fact by people around him everyday. As a child he was drawn to action movies, especially Steven Spielberg’s films. He made a promise to himself that someday he would work behind the scenes on a movie as an artist in Hollywood.

After high school, Rojero started taking art classes at Mira Costa Community College where he was inspired by old masters’ works in his art history class. He then pursued his study of painting at Otis College of Art and Design and Rhode Island School of Design.

Once he developed solid painting skills by taking a program with an emphasis on traditional painting techniques at Rhode Island School of Design, Rojero returned to Otis College of Art and Design to prepare him to work in the motion picture industry in Hollywood.

Rojero received his B.F.A. in 1998 and soon started working in Hollywood as a storyboard artist on independent films, and also as a production illustrator for the music video industry. He received an offer from a contemporary artist in San Diego to work in his art studio as an assistant. “Something clicked!” says Rojero. It was his first real exposure to the abstract painting that allows him to be explosive, passionate and free with his creation.

After a brief tenure as an artist assistant, Rojero became a freelance illustrator in 2000. The success of his business allowed him to have more time to paint and gather ideas for his works. He was active in the local art community and his works were well received in local art shows.

Later he moved to Arizona and took a job as an in-house artist at a design company where he learned different painting techniques, and also about the interior design business. In 2007, he moved back to southern California and opened his own design studio.

“My experience in the art world has been a wonderful adventure and I embraces everything I have learned.” Rojero says. His inspiration currently comes from his twin sons who were born with autism. When he paints he sees the wonderful smiles of his family and all the amazing experiences he has had in his life. “It’s a positive attitude that is reflected in my art and that is what I want my viewers to feel and take with them.”


“It’s a positive attitude that is reflected in my art and that is what I want my viewers to feel and take with them.”