Brooke Borcherding

"Morning Boats" by Brooke BorcherdingBrooke Borcherding is an emerging landscape artist living and working in Seattle, WA. Brooke’s focuses on painting from life and transforming studies into larger studio pieces in a style she calls her “deconstructions”.

Originating from Southern California and now the Pacific Northwest, Brooke has always been inherently drawn to the things that surround her where she lives – first the palm trees, then the fields, and now the city and water. She took her easel outdoors for the first time in 2009, observing and learning from both nature and ger plein air painting peers while earning a BFA from the University of Oregon in 2010.

Brooke considers herself largely self-taught in landscape painting because she deviated from the academic/theoretical program that was taught in college. This direction was fueled by her need to express what is real and everyday, and embrace the often overlooked beauty that is right in front of us. Beauty is the driving force behind all of her work, whether it is traditional or deconstructive.

Brooke has been experimenting with a style of painting that captures both picturesque and urban landscapes, or a combination of the two that is different and unique. Recently this has turned into a focus on deconstructing images in an abstract manner to create an aesthetically new and interesting experience for the viewer. Her traditional plein air approach to painting provides her with a foundation of color and composition. She then builds a painting by assembling bits and pieces, finding order in the chaos to re-form what can be identified as a place. Her goal is to create an engaging visual scene that takes the viewer deep into space and dances between the real and the inevitable unreal of paint on a canvas.

Brooke has earned numerous awards at various juried shows and plein air events, and is currently represented by Alki Arts in downtown Seattle. Her works are collected worldwide, including Washington, California, Utah, New York, Florida and Italy.