Thomas Tepstad Berge

Thomas Tepstad Berge is a photographer based in Stavanger, Norway, where he lives with his wife and 4 kids on the west coast of Southern Norway.

While he was given a disposable camera every summer when he was young to document his summer holidays, it was not until Thomas was 18 that he started filling his spare-time with capturing moments. Thomas started out making films, then gradually moved into timelapse photography before he settled down within still photography. He is a self-taught photographer who’s learned techniques and approaches to framing both the hard way and by reading books and articles, watching YouTube videos, etc. Thomas’ portfolio mainly consists of the landscape that you find along the west coast of Norway with deep fjords and steep mountains, long beaches and farmland, and surfing action in the waves. The common denominator for all his images is that he tries to capture the right light, whether it be the soft sunset light in a cloudscape, the powerful Northern lights on the night-sky, or the strong daylight illuminating the actions taking place on a surfboard. Every image brings Thomas back to that moment when he captured them, and if some of those feelings can be transferred to others who view them then he considers the image to be successful.