Michael Lawrence


Michael grew up in Colorado and developed a love for the visual arts after visiting the Denver Art Museum on a school field trip. Encouraged by his parents and teachers, Michael followed his dream through high school and decided to pursue a degree from the University of Colorado. After graduation Cum Laude with a BFA in Studio Arts with Painting Emphasis, Michael began painting professionally. He has since exhibited work in many important exhibition spaces worldwide, and he continues to explore the breadth of contemporary art practice through abstract painting.


“I hope viewers find a sense of unity and organization amongst the different elements. In non-representational work, a feeling of completeness and thoughtfulness is very important to me.”

Personal Statement

“I believe that life is much too short to do something you don’t love and artwork should reflect that; a piece should be something special that evokes a positive response and be something that you love being with. Long live love!”

Fun Fact

“I ride my bike every day. I do not own a car, and I use my bicycle for everything. I have a really nice Bridgestone road bike from the early 70s and everybody makes fun of me because it is so old and has a totally retro teal/grey color scheme but I love it!”