Liz St. Andre

As the daughter of a National Park Ranger and an artist, Liz St. Andre grew up with focused appreciation for the natural world. Her Pacific NW roots began in Glacier Bay, Alaska, where she grew up fishing, watching breaching whales, dodging bears, and witnessing massive hunks of calving ice dive into the ocean from glaciers.

She has spent her adult life chasing that dramatic beauty in Washington state, including Port Angeles and Seattle, where she graduated from the University of Washington. She now resides in Issaquah with her family.

Her path to seriously creating art began as an art docent, teaching the elements of art and principles of design to school children. Without realizing it, she was nurturing her own passion for art and learning foundational skills alongside her kids.

Liz happily creates art using plants from her garden and the woods surrounding her home. Highlighting nature’s symmetry and the beauty in imperfection, Liz’s current work is primarily cyanotypes and acrylic monotypes. She also paints, exploring her love of color and an intuitive approach to abstract expressionism.