Kayleigh Wold


Kayleigh Wold is a multi-media artist originally based out of Indiana where she earned her BFA at Indiana State University; studying painting, drawing, photography, ceramics and printmaking. Her vast study of various disciplines has helped her cultivate a broad body of work that is ever changing, developing and intertwining.

Currently her study gravitates towards botany and the unpredictable, imperfect organic shapes that are either found naturally occurring in the world or her imagination. For this reason, she uses the permanence of ink to capture each line she puts down and any imperfections that may have occurred, blurring the lines of real and imaginary.  The idea of perfection has always been a thought-provoking encounter for Kayleigh within her art, so this study is both freeing and challenging.

Since she was young, Kayleigh has been enamored with creating. Choosing to forge her own way with everything from sewing doll clothes and inventing recipes in the kitchen to using unconventional art supplies and often gravitating to the messier ones. This has created an adoration for each tactile experience a piece of art can create for not only its viewer but also its artist.

Kayleigh has participated in several juried shows with ISU and at Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art.  She currently resides in Seattle, WA living on the beach with her husband Cody and their two rambunctious adopted cats.