Jeff Iorillo

Jeff Iorillo is a Los Angeles-based painter working in acrylic and enamel on canvas, masonite, and metal.

Jeff paints for painting’s sake; he hasn’t stopped having new ideas. His ongoing process exploration leads to distinct bodies of work, whose consistent throughline is a bold abstract approach investigating materials, mass and momentum, color and gesture. He is interested in seizing the attention with an immediate impact, then holding it with a dynamic technique and details that invite speculation.

The work lives at the boundary between control and chaos: a specific, usually invented, technique pushed to its breaking point to achieve a spontaneity and unrestrained quality beyond his original intention.

Themes that assert themselves include challenging the boundary between painting and sculpture; the role of the artist’s intention driving the work vs the work evolving organically on its own; and his ongoing search for authenticity in mark-making and composition.

In 2015 Jeff and the Sun Paintings traveled to Japan for international shows in Kyoto and at the Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art. He has studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, and Otis College and Art Center in Los Angeles. His work is acquired by individuals and corporate collections from L.A. to Hong Kong to Mexico City, and is commissioned for commercial installations worldwide. He has been represented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Art Rental & Sales Gallery, and his work is regularly selected by Hollywood set designers for television and cinema.