Dina D’Argo

snow riding bio pic 1

Dina D’Argo creates sensitive, atmospheric images that hover somewhere between representational and abstract. Her acrylic paintings on canvas celebrate the Earth and its flora and fauna, and resonate with those who find healing and inspiration in nature. Her quietly powerful, dreamlike images invite the mind to roam freely to places that feel familiar, yet wild and mysterious; expansive, yet deeply intimate. Primarily self-taught, D’Argo works loosely and intuitively, building multiple layers of texture and translucent color to tell a complex story. With a background in Fashion Design, she enjoys exploring color relationships and the balance between design elements and negative space.

Originally from San Diego County, Dina has lived in Hollywood, the Western Sierras and California’s Central Valley, The Hawaii rainforest, rural Tennessee, and spent considerable time at her family’s home in Jamaica. Her recent move to Southern New Mexico promises to bring new and exciting influences to her work. Although her love for creating art began nearly 50 years ago, Dina’s commitment to becoming a professional artist followed a serious horseback riding accident that taught her that life is too precious to put one’s dreams on hold. A devoted horsewoman and animal advocate, when not in the studio Dina spends her time surrounded by her many four-legged family members. She supports a number of non-profit organizations, enjoys riding horses with her husband, and gazing endlessly at the sky.

Dina D’Argo’s paintings have been featured in galleries, design showrooms, and private collections worldwide. She is represented by Third & Wall Art Group, and works from a studio at her home in rural New Mexico.