Sarah Stevenson

Sarah Stevenson is an Australian artist residing in Sydney, Australia. She began drawing from an early age and focused largely on art throughout her childhood. After leaving school Sarah went on to study visual arts, and earned Bachelors degree in Illustration and Design. Developing an interest in art within film and media, Sarah went on to earn a Bachelor of Communication, Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney.
Sarah now incorporates her art into the world of film as well as continuing custom work and personal art pieces. Sarah’s art is largely in the form of digital art, and she has had over fifteen years of experience perfecting this medium. She also enjoys working with acrylic paints, and has begun incorporating 3D elements to her paintings. She has a vast range of styles but particularly enjoys contemporary abstract styles with an edgy feel. Sarah enjoys creating pieces that have meaning to them. Her works have been showcased in Sydney exhibitions and galleries.