Adolf Llovera



Adolf Llovera was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1942. Visits to Barcelona art galleries formed his earliest art influences, leaving him particularly enamored of the works of the French Impressionist painters. As a youth he studied painting and drawing at the Masana School in Barcelona, working various day jobs to support himself so that he could attend art classes in the evenings. Llovera’s artistic family also produced a brother who became a great contemporary sculptor and painter, and a sister who applied her creativity to the world of fashion.

After completing his studies at the Masana School, Llovera applied his artistic abilities and knowledge to creating textile imagery. His wife, who had also studied at the Masana School, joined him in this new venture. The talented couple set up an art studio for fabric printing, eventually creating and manufacturing their own fashion fabrics, and developing artwork and fabrics for the best fashion designers. During this period, Llovera continued to paint and draw, maintaining his contact with the fine art world. He continued to exhibit his works periodically, and ultimately decided to devote himself exclusively to his first love, painting.

Llovera says that his years in textile design prepared him well for his art career. Says the artist,“When you work in fashion you have to be on alert for any movement, whether it be cultural, political or artistic. This is always a motivation for creation.”

Adolf Llovera’s painting is as exquisite in its simplicity as it is elegant in its intensity. The artist meshes simple, everyday reality with the colors of his imagination, creating an inviting visual pathway that leads the viewer to a warm, familiar place. His pure colors and lively brushstrokes provide confirmation of the joy he experiences when transforming humble daily objects and scenes into rich interpretations that combine a vivid palette with an Impressionistic sensibility.

Llovera is particularly influenced by the art of Picasso. “His diversity, his creativity and constant work. Because of the way I paint, I like the Impressionists and Expressionists. I like Velásquez as a pioneer of these movements, and the more recent Masters like Ramon Casas or Sorolla.

“To me, observation is inspiration,”” observes Llovera. “Details of everyday life, everything that surrounds us provides a motive for inspiration.” Llovera deals with artist’s block by going out for a walk on the Ramblas in Barcelona, visiting a good bookstore or art exhibition, or just having a cup of coffee and observing everything going on around him. His preferred medium is oil painting. “I like oil painting very much. You can practice all styles, even imitate watercolors, make strong brush strokes with lots of matter, work with brushes, spatulas, or even fingers.”

Llovera has exhibited his works throughout Spain, France, Italy and Uruguay. He continues to paint and to teach textile creation and fashion in Barcelona.


“To me, observation is inspiration. Details of everyday life, everything that surrounds us provides a motive for inspiration.”

Personal Statement

“In art – enjoy it. In life – be happy!”

Fun Fact

Llovera describes himself as a very absentminded person.