Additional and Alternative Substrates

WOOD pieces are created by directly printing onto 1/2” honey-colored birch or apple Europly. Additional and specific wood types can be sourced at varying thicknesses upon request.
• Choose between a solid image or allow woodgrain to show-through.
• Standard orders include unfinished edges but edge veneers are available upon request.

• 5/8” cap diameter with 1” barrel, brushed metal finish. Includes corner drill holes.
• Creates an urban, industrial effect.
• Security stand-offs are available, in addition to different colors and finishes.
French Cleats
• 1/4” or 1/2” thick Sintra french cleats are applied to the back. for a floating effect
• T-screws available for additional security.

ACOUSTIC PANELS can be created several way by either wrapping printed fabric around the panel or more standardly, printing the image directly onto the panel. The panels themselves come in either tan or white and their surface is very forgiving so it can work well even with low-resolution or greatly enlarged images.
• Acoustic panel is available in 1/2” and 1” thickness.
• Standard edges are unfinished and cannot be painted.
• Maximum panel size is 48×96″                                                                           

Hanging and hardware options include framing, stand-offs, or hanging displays.


Does your 3&W project require printed glass, clear vinyl film, outdoor canvas, laser cutting, illuminated stand-offs, or something cool we haven’t thought of yet? Let us know and we’ll source and create it for you!