Nancy Crowell

Nancy Crowell is a photographer based in Skagit Valley, Washington, where she finds inspiration in the pastoral farmland landscapes and the diversity of flora and fauna nearby.

With degrees in both English Literature and Film Production, she’s had a diverse career that includes writing, film, photo editing and photography. Still photography has been a lifelong pursuit and the sole focus of her professional energy over the past decade. Her award-winning work has been featured in a wide variety of venues and collections, from five-star hotels, restaurants and hospitals to private collections. She captures images of flora, fauna and landscape that sooth and delight viewers, from macro images of flowers, to soaring images of birds in flight, to playful images of fox kits, to soothing landscapes, with an occasional abstract thrown in for good measure. Unwilling to pin a label on her work, she describes herself as a photographer who shoots Nature, naturally. One day she might be knee deep in cattails, the next she might be hovering over a bloom with a busy bee looking for pollen, or patiently waiting for an owl to fly. From bright explosions of color to soothing, muted tones, she expresses a wide gamut of moods in her images.