Alridge is the collaborative name that long-term partners Lisa Ridgers and Penny Alspaugh share for their unique and vibrant creations. Lisa was born on the south coast of England, and Penny was born in the Midwest of the USA. They are two very different people – Lisa is influenced by the colors and scenery of her frequent travels around the world, and Penny is driven by the urban vibrance of Chicago, where she grew up. They met in 2001 and have since spent the majority of their time together between the US and Europe, managing their successful art business centered around the works of Lisa Ridgers.


Much of their time together in their early years was spent dabbling with paint in the studio in the times between Lisa’s creations. Lisa’s years of the study of paint gave the duo the tools and knowledge base needed to test new techniques and methods. The resulting artworks spring from their mutual desire to create something vibrant and colorful that speaks to the viewer through a pair of unique voices. Lisa’s bold use of color and vibrant jewel tones combined with the rich fluorescents and textures that speak to Penny create the unique appearance of lively abstract works that have an almost graphic appeal.


The pair are very excited by the results of their initial series, and look forward to trying out more inventive ways to apply paint and other mixed media. Smoothing each other out and ruffling each other’s feathers is something they have done successfully for many years, and they look forward to sharing their future creative antics with you.