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Just For Fun – The Third & Wall Menagerie

National Pet Month occurred earlier this year, but here at Third & Wall we’re all about our pets all year long! Many of our artists and employees are animal lovers, so we asked them to share photos of their furry friends.



Artist Liz Jardine says that her adorable Yorkie Twinkle has spent her entire 17 years of life in LIz’s studio watching Liz make her amazing creations. Her bed is on the table right next to Liz’s easel, so Twinkle doesn’t miss a thing!

UPDATE: We just learned that Twinkle has gone on to her next big adventure. Our love and condolences to you, Liz – what a long and amazing life that little girl had. Rest in peace, Twinkle.





3&W Customer Service & Production Support goddess Kelsey Twiford recently adopted a sweet  dog named Bokkie, which is a term of endearment in Afrikaans. Bokkie was rescued from a brutal life on the streets in Thailand by The Bodhi Shelter in Phuket, Thailand, which rescues dogs and cats in Thailand and adopts them all over the world.  Welcome to your cushy new life, Bokkie!






Artist Corrie LaVelle brings her multi-poo Fido to her studio while she paints; she says he’s her companion there most days!






3&W Account Manager Melissa Hesse is at the beck and call of her gorgeous Golden Retriever, Sadie. She also has another dog named Akira, but couldn’t get her to hold still long enough to take a group photo.






3&W Photographer Keith Morgan says his cat Bruiser wasn’t happy about holding still to have his photo taken.

“Bruiser loves attention and is always trying to get someone to rub him, but he hates to be held or even be on anyone’s lap. Hes such a punk!”





Laura and Poppy #3


3&W artist Laura Van Horne with Poppy, her adorable 5 month old Chiweenie.








3&W production specialist and artist Patti Mann sharing some down-time with her chug (chihuahua + pug), Pippa. She also has two uncooperative cats.





3&W artist Pablo Rojero is pictured with his one year old Maine Coon cat, Cleo.

“She loves to smell the pomade in my hair. She does this every time I sit on my couch,” says Pablo. “She has a brother but he doesn’t like to be bothered.”





3&W Photographer Nancy Crowell and her cute kitty Meeko!








We’re very excited about our newest team member, Account Manager Alexandria Erps. Here she is chilling with her two kitties Frank and Hobbes.




LisaPinta3&W artist Lisa Ridgers says her pets have passed on. However, at her home in Spain she often absconds with her neighbor’s dog Pinta. Says Lisa, “They work very long hours and Pinta gets lonely. It has been awesome as we really miss our pets so much, but cannot have another while we travel so much. Pinta is a sweetie with a passion for long walks and sausages 🙂  Her name means Pint as in a pint of beer, presumably because she looks like one…hahaha!”




3&W Account Manager Debbie Germeaux calls her furry little trio “The May Girls” –  Mee Mee May, Lola May and Daisy May.




And last but not least, artist Brooke Borcherding says she doesn’t have any pets, but she has a “wild pet hummingbird” named Sally that visits her on her porch, even in the heart of the city!

Tell us about your pets!




















Trends – Color Blocks and Soft Shapes

Color-blocking is a strong trend this year and we were inspired by this post by Fashion Vignette to share some of our own transitional abstract art, which complements these patterns, textiles, fashion and interior concepts.

Color blocks can be clean and simple. Dark and light alternates to connote open doorways, architectural plans, city blocks, agricultural fields. Because the shapes are simple, color becomes the main player in leading the viewer’s eye around the image and creating interesting focal points.

Color blocks don’t have to be square. They can also be irregular and dynamic, shifting and moving like tectonic plates. Imagine the images seen in a kaleidoscope, caught in the act of morphing into something different but equally as beautiful.

Areas of color can also maintain a shape, but not necessarily be geometric. Soft shapes may be clean and clear, or softly blurred together like a painting in the rain.

Third & Wall offers exclusive contemporary and transitional imagery for wall decor and licensing, with a wide selection of Posters, Originals and Print-on-Demand/Licensing imagery.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website, www.thirdandwall.com, please contact us at customerservice@thirdandwall.com.

Ringing in 2015 – New Transitional Art from Liz Jardine

What a marvelous way for art lovers to transition into 2015 – with a collection of glorious new transitional abstracts, landscapes and florals from artist Liz Jardine.

transitional floral, seattle art, aqua, blue, neutrals

“Powderpuff Floral”

Jardine’s neutral, earthy palettes evoke a sense of groundedness, while her luminous aquas and blues drift the viewer into a place of possibility and dreams.

transitional landscape, neutrals, liz jardine, seattle art

“Between Bridges”

Jardine’s new works are every designer’s dream, with a level of sophistication, intrigue and accessibility that make them perfect choices for hospitality, corporate and residential interiors.

abstract, liz jardine, neutrals, seattle art

“Liquid Amber”

Liz Jardine’s original works, posters, and print-on-demand imagery are available from Third & Wall Art Group.

If you are a member of the trade and would like information on becoming a Third & Wall member and accessing our online collections, please contact us or call us at 1-206-443-8425 or toll-free at 1-877-326-3925. Our fax number is 1-206-441-4299.

If you are not a member of the trade, please email us to find a retailer near you, or visit our showroom at 312 Ninth Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109. Our showroom is open to the public.

All images © Liz Jardine and published/distributed by Third & Wall Art Group.




Q & A with a California Art Consultant

We recently had the chance to pose a few questions to one our busiest clients, a dynamic Art Consultant doing a booming business in Southern California.

contemporary abstract, seattle art, sarah stockstill

“Grace”,by Sarah Stockstill

What project are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a commercial project with multiple locations on the West Coast.  Each location is looking for artists from each specific state.  This has been a fun project for placing great art from Randy Hibberd, KC Haxton and Sarah Stockstill.

What is your favorite location for which to specify art?

Any location that doesn’t request generic art.  The right art can breathe life into a room and make any generic setting stand out.

contemporary abstract, randy hibberd, seattle art

“Flowering” by Randy Hibberd

Favorite type of imagery to place for a project? 

Abstract art,  and really cool and thought-provoking representational paintings.

How do you go about selecting art for your individual client needs? 

From past experience I usually know the exact styles that each of my clients prefer, so I tend to stay on that same path, but always try to update new looks to stay fresh and relevant.

photography, california, seattle art, kyle

“Sunset on the Coast” by Kyle

Best piece of advice you would give an artist? 

I would advise a new artist that wants to make a living as an artist to heed the advice of an art consultant, an established interior designer or a gallery owner.  Their advice can help to create a painting that people will want to purchase.  No matter what anybody says, when it comes down to it most paintings are purchased based on the color palette, and the effective use of the colors within the painting.  I would also suggest to always strive for an edge, and to stay a step ahead of other artists.

KC haxton, contemporary art, pop art, surreal art, champagne art, wine art, seattle art

“Champagne” by KC Haxton

Do you have a “dream” project you would like to work on? 

I feel like I am already working on my “dream project”.  I love my career and wouldn’t change it for any other.  Every day is different and every project is different so things are always new, fresh and exciting!




If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website, www.thirdandwall.com, please contact us at customerservice@thirdandwall.com.

From The Studio of Randy Hibberd


Randy Hibberd is a genius at creating timelessly elegant, upscale contemporary artwork that integrates boldly and seamlessly into all types of commercial and residential interiors.

What do you first do when you get to the studio in the morning?
Coffee coffee coffee . . . and change into my painting clothes like Mr. Rogers.

How many paintings do you work on at a time?
I usually have 3-6 paintings going on at all times. You never know what mood you’ll be in when entering the studio walls; it’s fun to have options.

Do you have a dream project that you would like to work on?
Solo show at the Guggenheim.

UnknownIf you could paint with anyone, who would it be?
I love to paint with my beautiful daughters Riley and Rachel . . . I could paint with them everyday!
Is there an idea you would like to explore?
I’m always fired up to explore new ideas , that’s the rush of painting – when you’re inspired and can’t wait to get to the studio.

What is your favorite time of day to paint?
2-6 pm. The coffee has fully kicked in, goofing off has subsided and the pressure is on to get something done for the day.

Unknown-1Do you ever get “stuck” on a piece? If so, what do you do?
Getting “stuck” is normal practice in my abstract world . Sometimes it flows, sometimes it’s junk. Most times I battle through until I find a solution . . . just keep painting. But on rare occasions I just walk away and come back fresh the next day. This always yields a new perspective and a solution reveals itself .

What is up next on your easel?
Magazine pages. Tons of ever-evolving magazine photos.


Randy Hibberd’s original works, posters and print-on-demand imagery are available from Third & Wall Art Group. All images are © Randy Hibberd and published/distributed by Third & Wall Art Group.

If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website, www.thirdandwall.com, please contact us at customerservice@thirdandwall.com.

Announcing Updates to www.thirdandwall.com!

We’ve been working hard to make our website easier for our customers to use, and we’re excited to share our latest improvements with you:

New POD-Photography Section: Based on your feedback and suggestions for streamlining our Print-On-Demand (POD) website section and making your image searches easier, we’ve given our photography collection a special section of its own, POD-Photography. We’ve made it a lot easier to browse our landscape, seascape, botanical/floral, nature, urban and even abstract photography collection from photographers Keith Morgan, Aaron Matheson, Lori Prenner and Jorge Llovet. We’re also constantly adding new works to our POD photography offerings, so keep checking back, and keep giving us your feedback!

Changes in Finished Art: In addition to our “Canvas – Stretched” option, we’re now offering a new product in the Finished Art area of our site – “Canvas – Floater Frame”. Choose from a hand-picked collection of our newest contemporary art and get it finished in style! Your stretched canvas is placed inside a 2.5″ deep floater frame with a width of 3/8″; frames are available in a black, silver or gold finish. We think it’s a really convenient and elegant way to easily select and purchase ready-to-hang contemporary art for your design projects.

We also want to make it more affordable for you, so we’ve reduced the pricing on all of our Finished Art because we know those design budgets can be mighty tight!

If you don’t currently enjoy full access to our website, please contact us to learn how to qualify for access to our Originals and Print-On-Demand Collections.