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Pinterest Colors of the Year for 2016

With billions and billions (and billions) of pins in the fashion, beauty and home décor categories, Pinterest has ventured into Pantone territory by declaring colors of the year for 2016. Since color preferences vary by industry, Pinterest has crunched the numbers and brought us several colors that have been inspiring individuals, designers and retailers alike.

Seeing a 100% increase since February with this color, Blush Pink is the forerunner in women’s fashion pins. Mint Green saw a 40% increase during the same time period.



In men’s fashion, the blues rule. Astronaut Blue pins rose 100% since February and Chambray also saw an uptick.



In the beauty category, the mermaid look is in full swing. People can’t stop pinning Dark Blue, Green and Lavender hair and makeup photos.



While fashion and beauty are full of color, home decor is much more subdued with pinners loving décor inspiration photos in Gray and Mauve.


Design Trend – Polygons

From graphic design to jewelry to home décor and even clothing and food, polygons are having a moment right now. By definition, a polygon is a two-dimensional figure with at least three sides, but when incorporated into design, polygons become something more. Whether they’re found in a wallpaper pattern or an end table taking the geometric shape of one, polygons have an undeniable minimalist beauty.

Geometric WallpaperUttermost table








The trend may owe its roots to the seemingly unrelated digital world of 3D animation which uses triangles in order to render images faster. In the hands of graphic artists, polygons found their way into the mainstream and then picked up steam with the rise in popularity of modern design and décor.

Like other popular patterns from the past – toile, paisley and damask, polygons can be found across different industries like fashion and home décor. However, unlike its predecessors, they can jump off the fabric or the wall and become three dimensional objects as well.

Take these geometric lighting examples for instance.

Faceted Lighting

Polygon lamps







More polygon lamps

Polygon Table Lamp









Polygon Jewelry

Pink Hexagon Studs

Polygon pendant

Gold Pendant








Delicious or nah?

Polygon popsicle

Krystall Chocolate Bar










Polygon art and geometric patterns from Third and Wall Art Group: