Peter Kuttner


Peter Kuttner was born in Boston, MA, and raised both there and on the coast of southern Maine. One of his earliest art memories was from the first grade, when one of his paintings was displayed in the local library. Peter distinctly remembers the thrill and the rush that he felt from knowing that others were viewing his work.

Peter received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, and then began his early career as a writer and Art Director for the motion picture company, New Life Films. He later headed the graphics department at the National Museum of American Illustration. But the nine-to-five daily grind was not for Peter; instead, it motivated him to focus his energy on the arts.

Peter now finds personal freedom of expression through his use of provocative color and passion for texture, and a clean, contemporary style. Peter seems to carry an effortless sophistication and a sense of composition, marrying minimalism with a mastery of intricacy. Projecting a strength of confidently defined space with technical mastery, Peter?s organic patterning is both evocative and modern. He describes his unique style as a combination of traditional and new techniques, lucky mistakes, and color theory.

Peter looks for inspiration and ideas both within his own personal vision and experience, and also by absorbing the local art scene in Phoenix, Arizona, where he currently lives. He also gains inspiration by searching online for emerging artists, reading, going through his books, and looking through magazines at the bookstore.

Personally, Peter claims to have an organization method based on what may appear as chaos to some people; however, it is this blend of planning and impulse that has allowed him to evolve into the flexible artist that he is today.


“Simplicity is best.”

Personal Statement

“My style is a combination of traditional techniques, new techniques, lucky mistakes and color theory.”