Julie Havel


Julie Havel was born in Denver, Colorado. Her mother, also an artist, proved to be her earliest art influence. While her mother painted at her easel, the young Julie would sit at a table and paint alongside her.

Julie went on to earn a B.S. from the University of Arizona, and spent the next 10 years in the corporate world of marketing and advertising. Eventually she decided to follow her childhood dream and began to paint.

Julie begins each day anticipating how to develop new and unusual methods of painting. “Art is my passion and my spirit. I am a self-taught artist and I continuously experiment each day to push myself to my creative limits. As an abstract painter, I create an array of organic contemporary paintings.”

Julie describes her art as a mix of organic textures, rich earth colors, and balance. She creates spontaneously, finding that as she works with the blank canvas, the ideas flow naturally. Her aim for the viewer is to evoke an ongoing sense of curiosity and to continually find something new in her images. She feels that art, like life, should be a journey.

Julie Havel’s clientele span both the United States and Europe. A Colorado native, Julie is active in the state’s art festivals and also participates in prestigious shows in Scottsdale and other well-known art communities. Her original works appear in the corporate collections of First Community Bank, Gores, Brookfield Properties and Heritage Bank.

When Julie isn’t painting, she enjoys yoga, Nia, and spending time with her husband and her two Golden Retrievers. Julie also supports the Colorado AIDS Projects, the Alzheimer’s Association, Safe House, and the Colorado Environmental Coalition. In addition, she volunteers along with her Golden Retriever at the local hospital.

Julie finds that her life, like nature, is constantly changing. Says the artist, “They both allow me to take chances in life. I am continuously surrounded by nature’s splendor. Whether I’m scuba diving, hiking or skiing, I am constantly moved by nature’s beauty. My inspiration comes from the magnificence of both my home in Colorado and my experiences traveling. I hope that you enjoy my artwork as much as I have enjoyed creating it.”


“I continuously experiment each day to push myself to my creative limits.”

Personal Statement

“As an abstract painter I create an array of brilliantly vivid and vibrant contemporary paintings. Since I am a self-taught artist I approach creating artwork from an experimental angle.

I often use a wide variety of styles, subject matter and techniques. The earth tone colors that I call ‘rich and comforting’ have a strong presence in my artwork. Through five to six layers of acrylic paint, combinations of warm and cool colors, shapes, and an array of textures including sands, papers, leaves and gels, my paintings result in an aesthetic flow. Because I use different methods of paint applications, including everything from palette knives, metal rollers and imprinted plastics, there is little to no brushwork in my creations.”