Jennifer Broussard

Bamboo II Flower IIJennifer Broussard was born and raised in Texas with thirty-four first cousins, eating crabs and crawfish, and “swimming as much as possible until our parents had to make up scary stories to get us back on land.”

One of Jennifer’s early inspirations came from her sister’s early childhood friend, Sally Gall, who traveled to Europe to become a photographer. Sally sent home a handmade book full of photos and stories of her travels – a book that fit neatly into Jennifer’s small young hands, and that fired her girlhood imagination.

“Twenty-five years later, when I was handing my two sold art pieces over to an art collector, I told him that story,” says Jennifer. “We were both surprised to find that he owned four of Sally Gall’s photographs. So now our work is in the same collection!”

As a young girl, Jennifer used to find items that washed up on the Gulf of Mexico by her family beach house, and she collected colored leaves and bits of nature at the family farm. “The foliage always turned brown, much to my surprise,” says Jennifer, “But when I started using the camera, I found that I was able to keep them alive forever.” Jennifer continues to glean creative inspiration from nature, and “when I meet minds with people in conversation.”

Jennifer majored in photography at Sam Houston State University. There, she met her first mentor, Dale O’Dell. One afternoon, she walked into the on-campus photo-lab and noticed a group of people all gathered around O’Dell, who had some of his new photographs placed in front of him. As Jennifer stretched over the crowd to see, she remembers commenting out loud; “That’s what kind of work I want to do.” She subsequently transferred to The Art Institute of Houston, where by another act of fate, O’Dell became her teacher. At that point, Jennifer knew she was on track, and that something special was happening to her.

Jennifer completed her formal education at the Art Institute of Houston in 1985, gaining a degree in photography. She has since attended many seminars, classes and gathered many insights from her peers within the fine art and photographic fields.

Jennifer creates imagery that bewitches, with a dreamlike simplicity that invites storytelling, memories and ideas. She hopes that her viewers will find comfort in her works. “Hopefully they’ll be able to gain the ability to find beauty in things previously unseen, later when they are no longer looking at my art.”

Jennifer says that her walls are hung mostly with her own work: “I like to keep it around me so that I can check the timelessness of it. If I get bored with it, then I make the appropriate changes to it so that it will last longer on the walls of my collectors.”

Jennifer has lived in Hawaii, Germany, London, and spent time in New York City.


“I always look to my dreams for inspiration and direction. What I find is many coincidences that I no longer feel are coincidences.”

Personal Statement

“Every individual has their own set of natural gifts, and if each person can find what those gifts are, and share them with others, then true happiness and life purpose comes from that. My gifts are best shared through my art.”

Fun Fact

Jennifer currently resides in West Hollywood, California, “…among a parade of neighboring animals to whom I am referred as The Steak Person.”