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Just For Fun – The Third & Wall Menagerie

National Pet Month occurred earlier this year, but here at Third & Wall we’re all about our pets all year long! Many of our artists and employees are animal lovers, so we asked them to share photos of their furry friends.



Artist Liz Jardine says that her adorable Yorkie Twinkle has spent her entire 17 years of life in LIz’s studio watching Liz make her amazing creations. Her bed is on the table right next to Liz’s easel, so Twinkle doesn’t miss a thing!

UPDATE: We just learned that Twinkle has gone on to her next big adventure. Our love and condolences to you, Liz – what a long and amazing life that little girl had. Rest in peace, Twinkle.





3&W Customer Service & Production Support goddess Kelsey Twiford recently adopted a sweet  dog named Bokkie, which is a term of endearment in Afrikaans. Bokkie was rescued from a brutal life on the streets in Thailand by The Bodhi Shelter in Phuket, Thailand, which rescues dogs and cats in Thailand and adopts them all over the world.  Welcome to your cushy new life, Bokkie!






Artist Corrie LaVelle brings her multi-poo Fido to her studio while she paints; she says he’s her companion there most days!






3&W Account Manager Melissa Hesse is at the beck and call of her gorgeous Golden Retriever, Sadie. She also has another dog named Akira, but couldn’t get her to hold still long enough to take a group photo.






3&W Photographer Keith Morgan says his cat Bruiser wasn’t happy about holding still to have his photo taken.

“Bruiser loves attention and is always trying to get someone to rub him, but he hates to be held or even be on anyone’s lap. Hes such a punk!”





Laura and Poppy #3


3&W artist Laura Van Horne with Poppy, her adorable 5 month old Chiweenie.








3&W production specialist and artist Patti Mann sharing some down-time with her chug (chihuahua + pug), Pippa. She also has two uncooperative cats.





3&W artist Pablo Rojero is pictured with his one year old Maine Coon cat, Cleo.

“She loves to smell the pomade in my hair. She does this every time I sit on my couch,” says Pablo. “She has a brother but he doesn’t like to be bothered.”





3&W Photographer Nancy Crowell and her cute kitty Meeko!








We’re very excited about our newest team member, Account Manager Alexandria Erps. Here she is chilling with her two kitties Frank and Hobbes.




LisaPinta3&W artist Lisa Ridgers says her pets have passed on. However, at her home in Spain she often absconds with her neighbor’s dog Pinta. Says Lisa, “They work very long hours and Pinta gets lonely. It has been awesome as we really miss our pets so much, but cannot have another while we travel so much. Pinta is a sweetie with a passion for long walks and sausages 🙂  Her name means Pint as in a pint of beer, presumably because she looks like one…hahaha!”




3&W Account Manager Debbie Germeaux calls her furry little trio “The May Girls” –  Mee Mee May, Lola May and Daisy May.




And last but not least, artist Brooke Borcherding says she doesn’t have any pets, but she has a “wild pet hummingbird” named Sally that visits her on her porch, even in the heart of the city!

Tell us about your pets!




















A Seattle visit from artist Lisa Ridgers!

Penny Alspeth, Lisa Ridgers and Aimee Clarke in the 3&W showroom

Penny Alspaugh, Lisa Ridgers and Aimee Clarke in the 3&W showroom

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting one of our most sought-after and prolific artists, Lisa Ridgers, along with her longtime partner and business manager Penny Alspaugh.

Lisa has been a Third & Wall artist for almost 10 years, but her home is in England, so this was the first opportunity she’s had to visit our showroom in the Emerald City. Since Lisa’s stateside visit was such a rare and beautiful thing for us, we made the most of it!

Lisa Ridgers




Although technically she was on vacation, we talked her into touching up some canvases. She was more than happy to jump in with her paintbrush and paints!



Lisa, Penny and Aimee reviewed all of the fantastic new Ridgers art that recently arrived from the UK. Lisa’s newest works are large and vibrant, with a range of inspiring color palettes that satisfy and transcend the wide and ever-changing range of interior decor trends. They include delicate figuratives, bright modern abstracts, and even traditional and transitional landscapes.




Lisa’s agent Brad Huff joined in on the fun as they toured the Third & Wall showroom and artwork.







And then it was time for everyone to relax at a fun and casual lunch around our conference table. Those of the 3&W team that hadn’t met Lisa and Penny yet had a great time getting to know them.

Lisa Ridgers with some of the 3&W team

Lisa Ridgers with some of the 3&W team

A BIG thank you to Lisa and Penny for crossing the pond to come visit us and meet the team!

Recap of 2016 West Coast Art and Framing Expo

Even a month after the WCAF Expo, we’re still catching up with all the orders, licensing contracts and requests for samples generated by Third and Wall’s new imagery and products.

Emerging artist Corrie LaVelle’s work received amazing response across the industry from wholesale framers to designers.  As neutrals continue to dominate design, you’re likely to see her images soon in hospitality, residential and retail stores.  View more of Corrie’s work here.

Instead of displaying our catalogue of new imagery on iPads, for the last two years we’ve opted to use Lookbooks, which bring the colors of the pieces to life in a way that a screen can’t.

Customer flipping through lookbook with T&W Account Manager Melody Minarcin

An application we introduced this year was gold and silver leafing on display with new photographer KaCee Erle, Pablo Rojero and Sarah Stockstill.

The increasing popularity of flushmount resin boxes was apparent as two pieces by Kelsey Hochstatter sold right off our booth wall.  The image below is a 12×12  “Recollections in Red” by Jill Martin.

A flushmount resin box of "Recollections of Red" by Jill Martin

A flushmount resin box of “Recollections of Red” by Jill Martin

Detail of flushmount resin box

Detail of flushmount resin box







These gorgeous florals under acrylic by Jill Martin were also on display.

"Climbers" by Jill Martin under plexi

“Climbers” by Jill Martin under acrylic










Overall we noticed a solid attendance with more new customers than ever, which led to great meetings and negotiations.   We especially love the opportunity the WCAF Expo provides to be able to introduce new artists to the art and design world.

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s WCAF Expo but you’re still interested in how Third and Wall’s artwork can help grow your framing, consulting or design business, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you about the wide variety of services we offer.  You can contact us toll-free at 877-326-3925 or email us at



How well do you know Third & Wall Art Group?

Do you think you know what Third & Wall is all about? You may know that we’re an art company providing beautiful contemporary imagery for residential, corporate, hospitality and healthcare interiors; that we represent a group of versatile and talented artists and we sell their original works; that we have an exceptional fine art poster collection; and that we offer Print-On-Demand from our exclusive pool of more than 7,000 images.

To satisfy the curious, we shot a short video to demonstrate the creative solutions we offer for all of your projects, as well as a look behind the scenes at our company, our art, our passion. Watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments below!

[vimeo 130488810 w=500 h=281]

Third & Wall – Introduction from Third & Wall Art Group on Vimeo.

Third & Wall offers exclusive contemporary and transitional imagery for wall decor and licensing, with a wide selection of Posters, Originals and Print-on-Demand/Licensing imagery.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at

Third & Wall Pop-Up Gallery at the Annual Seattle Street Food Festival

popupgalleryDuring past summers, the Capitol Hill neighborhood has hosted the annual Seattle Street Food Festival. This year however, the festival was relocated to South Lake Union to make room for a growing number of foodies and food vendors. Third and Wall’s address just happened to be located right in the middle of everything, so we decided to host a Pop-Up Gallery over the weekend.

We weren’t sure what to expect and assumed people would largely show up to eat. Our pop up gallery was also out of place among food trucks serving everything from wood smoked barbeque to vegan tacos. But even before the festival officially kicked off, we realized that people were hungry for something else – Art.

Unknown-2With the smell of bacon-sprinkled donuts wafting over from the food truck parked a few feet away, we introduced festival-goers to Third & Wall’s collection. Boys of all ages were drawn to KC Haxton’s poster “Autobahn” and Joseph Cates’ “Guitars I”. A young woman visiting from out of town spent twenty minutes debating whether she’d be able to get a gallery-wrapped image of “A Charmed Life” by Liz Jardine back home with her to Austin.

insect butterfly transitional seattle art

“June” by Sarah Stockstill

After admiring a flushmount of Sarah Stockstill’s “June” for the whole afternoon, a neighboring vendor reminded her husband that today was indeed their anniversary (he hurried right over as we were closing up for the day). It’s a good thing he snagged it when he did, because the next day another woman returned, inquiring about the sold piece. She wasn’t the only returning customer – after purchasing two unstretched giclees on Saturday, a gentleman came back on Sunday to buy three more.


Bringing the gallery outside made the experience of choosing fine art for their homes enjoyable and less intimidating for our customers. Being able to flip through the canvas giclees and pick from abstracts, landscapes and more was unlike any experience they would have at a home furnishings store or while online shopping.



For us at Third & Wall, not only was it nice to see that our imagery was well received, but since the majority of our business is conducted over the phone and through email, it was a pleasure to be able to work with customers face to face to select the perfect pieces for their homes. We look forward to serving up some new images at next year’s Street Food Festival. Stay hungry Seattle.



~ Katherine Van Henley, Business Development/Accounting Manager

Third & Wall offers exclusive contemporary and transitional imagery for wall decor and licensing, with a wide selection of Posters, Originals and Print-on-Demand/Licensing imagery.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at




Surtex 2015 Recap


Brian Henn, 3&W President & Melody Minarcin, 3&W Acct. Mgr.

We recently returned from the 2015 Surtex licensing tradeshow in New York City. Aside from the fact that Manhattan is a great place to visit in the Spring, Surtex is a fun and fascinating business event – three full days of image overload!

Our in-house Production team furiously worked in collaboration with our artists to create new designs appropriate for textiles, wall coverings, stationery, and much more. It is so fun to be part of a team that can step outside the familiarity of wall décor and find new ways to create opportunities for our artists.

Escaping from the office to be part of a New York City event was fun and insightful. We saw a bounty of designs, colors, and concepts that will only inspire us to continue to introduce new artwork to grace your walls and products.We learned that there is never an end to creativity – beautiful artwork and design is a constant that continues to grow and evolve. Be prepared for so much more coming out of Third & Wall Art Group in 2015 and beyond!



~ Brian Henn, President


Third & Wall offers exclusive contemporary and transitional imagery for wall decor and licensing, with a wide selection of Posters, Originals and Print-on-Demand/Licensing imagery.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at

We’ve Changed Our Shipping Carrier to Bring You Savings!


Makin’ it happen!

You spoke, we listened. As part of our ongoing efforts to maximize the affordability of our product,  we’ve changed our shipping carriers from Fedex to UPS, effective January 19th, 2015. This transition has allowed us to significantly lower our shipping rates, which we’re passing on to our customers.


Affo Gomma, 3&W Fulfillment Specialist

The savings will vary depending on region and the scale of the order, though all customers can expect to see a drop in the shipping portion of their invoices. This change applies to every type of shipping: from overnight to ground, freight to parcel, domestic and international.  The bigger the order, the bigger the savings! Other than the additional savings, things will be “business as usual” and your shipping service will continue without a hitch – it’s a win/win situation.


Peter Moran, 3&W Fulfillment Manager

Any inquiries about the new service can be directed to your Third & Wall Account Manager, or to our Fulfillment Manager Peter Moran.

Third & Wall offers exclusive contemporary and transitional imagery for wall decor and licensing, with a wide selection of Posters, Originals and Print-on-Demand/Licensing imagery.  Some areas of our website are password-protected. If you are a member of the trade but don’t have full access to our website,, please contact us at


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Third & Wall!

aaron matheson, photography, washington, fall, autumn, seasons

Photography by Aaron Matheson

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year. It’s interesting that Lincoln declared it an official holiday in the midst of the Civil War when finding something to be thankful for was probably challenging. Yet, the holiday has endured, for it represents something so genuine and innocent.

transitional landscape, autumn, fall, painting, seattle art, jill martin

“Tradition” by Jill Martin

I love Thanksgiving for what it is not. It is not full of gifts and over-the-top decorations. Thanksgiving is, however, a time to share with friends and family. I love that it is a kickstart to the holiday season and when I can officially start ordering my eggnog lattes. I love that it is a day filled with wonderful foods such as garlic mashed potatoes with dressing, turkey, cranberry relish and stuffing with Jimmy John’s sausage and rosemary (stick to this and skip the oyster stuffing), and so much more.

But I love Thanksgiving most because it is a day where we step back and reflect on what we are thankful for. Third & Wall Art Group is no different. The year is winding down, year-to-year comparisons are being made, current year budgets are being reviewed and the rush to complete annual goals is in full swing. But through all of this I still wish to step back and acknowledge all that I am thankful for at Third & Wall.

transitional florals, nature art, trees, liz jardine, fall, autumn, seasons

“When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall” by Liz Jardine

I (we) am thankful for the incredible and talented artists that we get to work with. Each day we receive the gift of entering an office filled with beautiful artwork. I am thankful for a wonderful and loyal group of employees that strive to make every one of our customers happy. I am thankful for our vendors who have been true partners and have shown us patience and support. I am thankful for our customers. I am thankful that with all the options available to them for wall décor, they come to us. I am thankful that they have placed their trust in our abilities to meet their needs. I am thankful that they allow us to open our doors everyday ensuring that we can continue to represent the interests of our artists and to keep the business of art alive.

Every year has its challenges, yet every year also has its rewards. Today, I am thankful for all those rewards.  ~ Brian Henn, President

transitional landscapes, lisa ridgers, abstract landscapes, contemporary seattle art

“Rust & Water” by Lisa Ridgers

I’m thankful to work with a group of artists who, through their work, make even the darkest days bright. And for coworkers who are more than just people I work with, but who are also wonderful, supportive friends.~ Melissa

 I’m thankful for my family and friends, my two dimpled daughters and the songs they sing, my awesome co-workers, and hot coffee on a cold morning. ~ Kay


I’m thankful that I get to work with a team that’s committed not only to each other, but to doing the best we can everyday for our clients.  Also that I get to do something every day that brings joy into people’s lives and homes. ~ Melody

I’m thankful that Third & Wall provides me the flexibility to fulfill a creative and artistic working role while also empowering me to achieve my own personal artistic dreams. And I’m thankful for the best co-workers a girl could ever have. ~ Patti

randy hibberd, nature art, branches, fall, autumn, seasons, transitional

“Tranquility II” by Randy Hibberd

I am thankful for all of the opportunities that have been put in front of me this past year. And I am even more thankful that I could take those opportunities and turn them into something great. ~ Kali

I have a lot to be thankful for – my family, friends, good health, my home and a great job. ~ Debbie

I’m thankful for all the incredible individuals I connect with every day. Not only are they talented and creative but also kind, generous, lovely people. . .artists, clients, co-workers and vendors. ~ Aimee

Impressionist art, simon addyman, fall, autumn, seasons, nature

“Red Leaves” by Simon Addyman

I’m thankful for a loving and supportive family and rockstar friends! ~ Katherine

I am thankful for all the awesome coworkers I have, because without them the days would be far less interesting, less funny and way more stressful. ~ Aaron

I’m thankful for my amazing friends in Seattle! I moved here 6 years ago without knowing anyone and have accumulated a group of friends who are compassionate, inspiring, and weird.  ~ Maddie

And last but not least…

I’m thankful to work alongside so many generous and talented people. I’m thankful I still have all ten fingers. I’m thankful this country celebrates Thanksgiving! ~ Peter


A Summer Intern’s Perspective


Francis Henn, Third & Wall Intern

This summer I worked as an intern at Seattle art company Third & Wall Art Group. My various duties were to bill orders, send invoices, deposit checks and so on. Aside from that, however, I was assigned to a project with two other colleagues. We were called the Growth Committee, and our task was to examine industry trends, competitor strategies, customer needs and the overall business model of Third & Wall with the goal of discovering opportunities for growth.

While working at Third & Wall, it is safe to say that  I learned a lot. As a college student with little professional experience, especially with art galleries, it was a great opportunity to see how a business works while contributing my own efforts. Looking back, it’s funny to picture myself with my long hair and earrings sitting at a desk with a cup of coffee entering checks on a computer, but I am incredibly lucky to have had the chance to do that. I am thankful for the numerous times I was taken out of my comfort zone when customers called my line needing questions answered. As weird as it may sound, I think that being made uncomfortable at times is one of the best ways to learn. I now have some business and customer service conversational skills that I would have never had before.

Beyond the business and learning aspects, my time with Third & Wall was full of laughs, wonderful people, Whole Foods cake and, of course, great imagery. I have a new-found appreciation for art and business, two things I hope to expand upon in the future. Thanks for a great summer at Third & Wall!

~ Francis Henn, Third & Wall Intern (now full-time college student)